2nd Sunday songwriter series

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OCTOBER Featured Artists

Carol McArthur


 “Singer/songwriter CAROL McARTHUR has a big heart, a gentle spirit, and the voice of an ‘Angel’ (the title also of one of her fine originals) though she will wryly tell you that her halo “is a little rusted.” She has a lovely, lyrical, soaring voice, giving an elegant, wistful, romantic reading to a jazz standard like ‘Ghost of Yesterday,‘ then sounding very much like a classic folksinger with the haunting refrains of ‘Health to the Company‘ or ‘Night Driving.” She counts Ella Fitzgerald, Kate Bush, The Beatles, Elton John, Nina Simone, Elizabeth Frazier (Cocteau Twins), and Roberta Flack as the singers that have influenced her the most, but it is a testament to her talent to say she has her own unique sound and style".

-Review by Joe Staats

Carol has recorded 2 solo CD's and is currently recording an EP with producer/musician Pascal Nabat Meyers. Carol has also sung backup vocals in the studio and/or performed live with the following talented people:  Bonnie Pointer, Barry Goldberg's Soul Riot, Gerri Goffin, Ghost Tyger and Friends, The Painkillers, The Bonedaddy's, Chris Poland, Fat Danny & the Hard Tymz, Nektare, Andrew Hyra, Peter Quentin, The No-Name Band, Vee Bordukov, Josh Rich, Shari Puorto & the Rhythm Addicts, Artist Robinson, Larry Klein, Joe Hajek, Mumbo's Brain, Two Seperate Gorillas and many more.

Russ & Ray


Between the two of them, Russ Locke and Ray Sabo have played with and/or shared the stage with just about everybody in the Southern California music scene. They met in the early seventies at The Whole in Glendale where their style of guitar playing and songwriting was greatly influenced by the many talented players who passed through that club. More recently they realized that they knew some of the same obscure guitar arrangements and decided it would be interesting to try them as duets. Hence, the duo was formed. Along with their own originals and covers from some of their favorite local songwriters, you will find yourself singing along to songs you never knew that you knew. And because everybody needs a little R&R.