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Lisa Richards 

“Hearing Lisa Richards sing is like remembering everything you love all at once. The sky is wider, the stars are brighter, and the air is filled with so much oxygen that you feel giddy.” With a voice described as both ferocious and sweet, and a percussive guitar style, Lisa Richards writes songs of longing, loss, love and hope. Songs steeped in musical expressiveness and lyrical succinctness, borrowing from the traditions of folk, blues and jazz with her feet firmly planted in her own musical corner of the world. Driven by a desire to be seen, to understand the world and the human condition and to share what she sees with others.

Lisa says, "The world is a cornucopia of stories, all waiting to be told. The personal, the universal, the visible and the invisible. That's what humans have always done, collected and told stories".

As the 8th child of a concert pianist and a psychiatrist, Lisa has a life story that could grace the silver screen. Her childhood in northern Australia was "wild and unsupervised" and sexual abuse and drug use laid the foundation for a tumultuous early life. As soon as she could, Lisa got in her car and left her hometown. She has busked acapella in Kings Cross, Sydney, hung out with Debbie Harry at SXSW in Austin, Texas, and played CBGB’s in NYC. She continued to move further and further afield before returning home to Australia many years later.

Lisa's songs have appeared on compilations, sharing the track list with heavyweights including Adele, Nina Simone and Corinne Bailey Rae. She’s performed at The Telluride Bluegrass Festival, Rocky Mountain Folks Festival, Merlefest, SXSW and CMJ.

Her 4th album, "Mad Mad Love,” was produced and co-written with Tim Bright (Scrubs TV Theme) and downloaded over 80,000 times.

Her current release, “A Light from the Other Side,” marks her 6th album and her first Australian-made release, teaming up with Greg J Walker (Paul Kelly, Jess Ribiero, and C.W. Stoneking) who recorded and produced the record. The song "Water" was added to National rotation on ABC Radio.

Currently, Lisa is writing for her next release while continuing to tour and share her knowledge with others.


"Richards is a simple yet powerful songwriter who has beautifully encapsulated the intricacies of the human condition." - The Australian 

"Singer Songwriter for FNQ returns to Australia after 22 years in Austin and New York to make her best album" - Lucky Oceans "The Daily Planet " Radio National 

"Lisa Richards Returns To Her Roots With Luminous New Album A Light From The Other Side"   - Rhythms Magazine 

"low-key singer-songwriter meets old-fashioned popular song...quiet elegance..." - Bernard Zuel Sydney Morning Herald 

Rags Rosenberg

“The foul rag and bone shop of the heart,” Yeats called it – that repository of musings, detritus and discarded emotions out of which we assemble art.  Songwriter-poet Phillip Rosenberg, performing under the name Rags and Bones, has spent a lifetime sifting through the leftover parts of the world and himself to try and create an archival record.  At 69, he feels like he may be getting close. 
Growing up in Tujunga, California just north of Los Angeles, Rosenberg came of age in the tumult of the ’60s – hitchhiking to San Francisco, touring with rock bands and avoiding the draft.  Married with two children, he moved to Atlanta in the early ’80s during the early days of Atlanta hip-hop.  When his marriage collapsed, he relocated to Nashville to pursue his dream of a career in songwriting.  With two kids to support, to make ends meet he started a successful remodeling business, even as songwriting credits remained elusive.  About to turn 50, in an intense burst of writing, he set down his life story in a series of 25 poems, which he published under the title Raised in the Shadow.  No less an authority than the poet Robert Bly said of the collected poems: “I do think they’re very fresh, and they have a certain drive forward into truth.”  His work has been excerpted in Black Moon and Hudson View, and he takes a measure of pride in having been the only poet to ever appear in Fine Homebuilding Magazine.  
Today Rosenberg lives in an isolated 480-square-foot cabin in what he calls the People’s Republic of Joshua Tree in California’s High Desert with his wife, two cats and a rescue Labrador retriever named Steinbeck.  He teaches guitar at the local music store, plays for the lunch crowd at the Joshua Tree Saloon and organizes a monthly Songwriters in the Round song pull at the Beatnik Lounge. 
And here in what some have christened the land of second chances, after 40 years performing and playing in bands, he has managed to release two EPs of original songs: These Bones and Rabbit Holes, on his own Coyote Gulch Records. 
“Everyone is in service to something” says Rosenberg.  “I want to be in service to the song.  It’s my way to embrace the ambiguities of life and deal with the terrifying uncertainty thrust upon us as we make our way, as the poet David Whyte says, ‘through the immensities.’  


"Rags writes melodic music for mature people.  His style is reminiscent of the music of Leonard Cohen. As a music promoter & radio host, I commend his music to your ears.  - Craig Boyer, KKRN, 88.5 Round Mountain, California

 "Growing up, growing older, reflecting on life - So goes the new Rags&Bones CD Flower Time. Sincere vocals with minimalistic production sets the tone for the album. Each song is a reflection somewhere on life's path and Rags Rosenberg nails it. This CD will hook you from start to finish. Check it out." - Stan Edwards, Countrybear.

"It was a pleasure to schedule such a professional performer for Sandbox Coffeehouse. From the first contact, to our final sit down post show discussion, Rags is a real singer/songwriter.  Looking forward to having Rags once again perform in the future."  - Todd Ryzow , Sandbox Coffeehouse, Ventura, California

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