The Freeman Bunsen Line

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Alissa's Ocean View Bar & Grill, 3826 Ocean View Blvd., Montrose, CA

One of our favorite things about America is Freedom of Speech...and free song! What better way to exercise our right to celebrate than with friends and music?

THE FREEMAN BUNSEN LINE will be playing on Friday, July 5 and we invite you to sing a couple of songs about what American means to you. It could be your most patriotic songs, your best protest songs, or just a good ol' Tom Petty "American Girl".

If you would like to perform, please let Dolly know. You can sing solo or have the band back you.✌🏼

Laura Ramirez, Dave Clausen, Pat Nason, Nalini Lasiewicz, John Irvin, Brooks Taylor, Dos Prickies (Jeff Venables, Samantha Venables), Jeannie Willets, Non-Duo, Korey Simeone (Ikes Creek), Missy Lee and Wyn Wilson