Ireland's 32 Relief Extravaganza

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Ireland’s 32 Pub has served up a great Guinness pour, hearty pub fare, and road ready live music for over six decades. Saturday Jan. 30th at 7 PM is your chance to enjoy an amazing show and give something back to the beloved staff members and musicians that have called our favorite pub home for all these years. The Ireland’s 32 Relief Extravaganza will bring together our most famous and familiar friends from the stage and both sides of the bar in order to raise funds that will directly benefit the Ireland’s 32 staff and the bands that will occupy its stage upon reopening.

As a faithful seven-night-a-week live music venue and indoor bar and restaurant, Ireland’s 32 has been severely impacted by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Faced with tough choices and suspension of operations, the Ireland’s 32 family is eagerly awaiting the day that we can reopen as the live music pub we have all come to know and love. In the meantime, the Ireland’s 32 staff is missing their regulars and looking forward to a return to their place of employment. Similarly, management hopes to meet reopening costs without sacrificing a budget for live music, so that Los Angeles’ finest musicians can return to one of their favorite stages sooner than later. A portion of the proceeds will directly benefit Deborah Lande, who is courageously battling cancer while sidelined from her place of work of 25 years. We’ll see you Jan. 30 for a show to remember!