St. Patrick's Day Celebration and Fundraiser



Ireland’s 32 Pub is bringing St. Patrick’s Day to you!
It is little wonder that Ireland’s 32 Pub has been the Valley’s preferred St. Patrick’s Day destination for several decades. After all, where else would you go for a frosty pint of Guinness or a meal of corned beef and cabbage? On a day when everyone is Irish, the Pub has enjoyed festive crowds and hosted authentic live Irish music performances for many years. That is until the year 2020, when the COVID-19 Pandemic reared its ugly head weeks before our favorite holiday. As we approach another St. Patrick’s Day, Ireland’s 32 will once again be unable to open its hallowed doors to eager patrons clad in green.

St. Patrick’s Day has traditionally been a pivotal source of revenue for the 32. Pushed to the brink by pandemic-induced closures, this much-favored institution is facing a second consecutive year without its best business day on the calendar. As the 32 attempts to meet reopening costs and achieve a robust recovery, the Ireland’s 32 St. Patrick’s Day Celebration and Fundraiser gives patrons old and new a chance to enjoy a terrific show and at the same time, through voluntary contributions, to help ensure a full return to operations for this family-owned small business.

Featuring musical performances from some of Los Angeles’ finest musicians, live hosting, and Irish dance and cultural presentations, the Ireland’s 32 St. Patrick’s Day Celebration and Fundraiser will air on Facebook and YouTube via Divine Rebel Music on Wednesday, March 17th, 6 PM PST. All contributions will help Ireland’s 32 Pub meet reopening costs including but not limited to permits, licenses, and replacement of (stolen) inventory. It will be a show to remember, and the best time you can have on St. Patrick’s Day until next year at the 32!