The Roadhouse Series Celebrates

Arlo Guthrie - Still Rising Son


Thursday, January 21 at 7pm PST

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Late last year, iconic folksinger, storyteller and humorist, Arlo Guthrie announced his retirement from touring. Fortunately, he will be active in music.....he’s just doing it from home. 

Over the last 50 years plus Arlo has toured the world holding forth each with songs, stories, and humor laced with heart and his own unique Americana musical presence. He has casually carried his own legend over the decades with good humor, ease and grace. 

Not everyone knows that Arlo Guthrie is one of the Founding Fathers of today’s Americana roots music movement. He has filled the years with music that reminds us of our common brother and sisterhood, while allowing us to not take things too seriously. But, his records and live shows always serve to entertain, enlighten and bring about a sense of love in community. 

Mainstream music audiences today know him for his talking blues opus, Alice’s Restaurant, his appearance in 1969’s Woodstock Rock Festival and his Top 40 hit, ‘City of New Orleans,” penned by Steve Goodman. But he is much more than this. 

His series of albums released on Warner’s/Reprise during the 1970’s, today form the foundation of modern the Americana-roots music movement crossing such genres as old-time- jazz, singing cowboy, slack key guitar music, ragtime, country-western, and folk-rock. He has given light to artists like Scott Joblin, Leadbelly, Cisco Houston, Jimmie Rodgers, Ernest Tubb, Pete Seeger, Hoyt Axton, Gaby Pahinui and his legendary father, Woody Guthrie. The sessions included future legends like Ry Cooder, Linda Ronstadt, Clarence White, Byron Berline, Spooner Oldham, Buddy Emmons and Doug Dillard. Clydie King, The Jordanaires, Jesse Ed Davis, and James Burton. His seminal albums including Hobo’s Lullaby, Last of the Brooklyn Cowboys and his Eponymous, 1974’s Arlo Guthrie, are essential additions to the American song legacy that demonstrate his gift for interpretation and his unique understanding of American music. 

Arlo is a much-needed storytelling sage, humorist with a self-effacing wit that shines a light on the music that runs like a river through our lives. 

Last year Arlo made the hard decision to turn in his touring boots for settling in at home due to health concerns. So, some of the finest musicians and songwriters in the Los Angeles area have contributed their talents to celebrate the music and stories of his career on the road and in the studio. The show will include variations on classics like “Alices Restaurant,” and “Comin’ into Los Angeles.” 

As Arlo is fond of saying, “Its only over the last one-hundred years we stopped telling our own stories.” This tribute show offers the opportunity to show our love and appreciation for one of American’s finest folk singers, storytellers and humorists, even as we tell our own stories of our years with the music Arlo Guthrie.

Written by Terry Paul Roland




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